Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

Hopping on a horse isn't quite as easy as trick riders make it look like in the movies. In real life, you use a fence, a mounting block of some kind, some one's knee or their locked hands as a step; unless you are a gymnast, extremely athletic or your horse is really, really short!

Our girls went camping with some friends this weekend. First time these kids went without adults or parents. They planned it, found the spot, made their own arrangements through at least a thousand text messages and phone calls.

I googled the spot they picked and was amazed at it's beauty and the offerings available. We were a bit concerned as it was first come, first served - hoping that on a Friday such a place would have openings for all of them.

Craig and Kevin helped load some wood and kindling from Claude's pile. They asked to use the pick up. I baked them some cookies. They wanted to take the legendary cast iron breakfast pan.....the one that takes two to lift. They checked off item after item, separating needs and wants and things that needed bought for the other cooler when they arrived. Tess picked some tomatoes from the garden at the last minute. They had plans for gourmet meals around the fire. We suggested a few chairs and reminded them of a few necessities they hadn't thought about.

I wanted to call a million times and say dumb stuff, ask silly questions and taint it; then stopped my self in time. They can think, they know how to solve problems, they can make do, they have a sense of humor, they weren't worried, they were taught to crave this, they were together on an adventure!

All they needed was 'a leg up'........... and they were off like the wind. The joy of freedom, knowing they were capable of working it all out carried them far beyond us.

The short text message brought sweet relief ......... "Made it, found a good spot."

It will be fun to hear the stories they will tell of the memories they made. And, whoa there~these aren't kids, I keep forgetting, they are ADULTS! Freaky! I keep forgetting! When did that happen?

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