Friday, January 8, 2010

Allergic to Assumptions

Thousands of people with gluten/wheat allergies are off wheat for life. As a simple farm girl, I wonder if wheat isn't the culprit. The wheat kernel is separated from the life giving germ and fibrous bran. Maybe our bodies can't process the bleached impostor called flour?

More and more people are diagnosed with milk/lactose intolerance every day. Milk in it's raw state is real food. For thousands of years it has been considered so. It is killed dead by the heat of pasteurization, then all the molecules are forced into sameness so the cream won't separate. Our bodies simply can't tolerate this white strange liquid called milk.

Many of us equate exercise with going to the gym or horrific memories of P.E., and think we despise it. We love the real thing; walks, hikes, gardening, building projects, swimming in the river, playing.

Women can believe they don't like sex, without having experienced the pleasures of being given the gift of a generous man's love making.

Birthing women trade the endorphin high after a natural birth for the epidural to kill the pain during birth.

Spinach from the food service sized can is nasty. Fresh spinach raw or lightly steamed is delightful.

What assumptions and beliefs do you need to trade in for the truth?  Is it fear or laziness that keeps us from examining them?

I'm going in for a deep cleaning and will ruthlessly toss the useless, discard the meaningless, then sigh contentedly at how light I feel when I hit the 'empty trash' button.

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