Friday, January 15, 2010

Warrior Women

strength unlike man 
the weaker sex
less hardened
instead of weak

promise to stay tender
calluses remove
bruised strength mended
to birth 
to spark and kindle 
like flint for fire 
tears grow gardens
growing hearts

small offering 
added to yours
to hers
a noticeable heap
framed to
distribute hope
making a difference
knowing the end

getting up 
trying again
brushing off 
to give again
love received 
to pass on
it matters most

This is my tribute to new twitter friends who have introduced me to poetry in a fresh new way. Reading theirs has been so fun and inspiring. I have never even tried to write poetry before, even though I experience and notice nature as such. This is my first attempt. Terrifying, as I don't know the rules. Or how. Or protocol. 

They have encouraged me, and shared resources I never would have found and let me join them opening the door to twitter Narnia. Thanks to Nancy, Maureen, Laura, Glynn and Bonnie. Especially Glynn, who called my last post a poem? Startling me, naming me, giving me courage to try. Helping me 'caress the rainbow'...


L.L. Barkat said...

I am just sitting here quietly awed. Yes, write. Let the journey begin...

Maureen said...

I saw your tweet. I'm also awed.

There are no rules (well, there are some for certain specific forms of poetry, but you needn't bother if you don't like them; I don't).

If this is the first poem you've written, I can't wait to read more.

Glynn said...

Kathleen, poetry is a journey, and you're now on it. We're fellow pilgrims walking alongside you.

terikmcshane said... this, I use to write poetry, I use to write quite a bit..but it's been a struggle lately to get the words out..but I'm going to try again...

Anonymous said...

you just never know what a poem can do.

i am glad to see you doing it, woman! cool!

now...if you are on facebook you can join us at the group called the "cunning poets society".

love to you

Kathleen said...

Nancy, I reactivated FB because of CPS and joined, although I'm not usually a joiner somehow.
Teri, please don't rob me of your poetry and your heart! Begin again.
Glynn, it will be a fun journey!
Maureen, thanks for releasing me from rules. I despise rules.
Laura, thanks for taking time to invest and encourage. It means more than you'll ever know, this kindness from strangers.

Anonymous said...

i am honored that you decided to be poetry minded in a most cunning way in the "one and only" cunning poets society.'s a just-for-fun kind of thing. everyone can pretty much get as creative as they want and post stuff or just come by and read.

however since you are on the members list, you will get all of my stupid messages as a bonus...aren't ya thrilled?