Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music For Us Commoners

Yesterday, Maureen Doallas posted a video of an aria of La Traviata being sung at the market in Valencia. The produce venders / singers come out one at a time from behind vegetables and fruit, in their aprons, to mingle with the puzzled crowd. The atmosphere slowly becomes attuned with the offering. Wine is handed out; hands touching hands. By the end people are wiping tears, smiling and singing along with the musical manna falling around them.

One of my favorite words (Italian) is lagniappe; a beneficient kind of extra, an extra we weren't expecting but immensely glad to have.

I don't have to crane my neck or get my knickers in a knot to have lagniappe. I don't have to race or shove anyone to have it. I don't have to worry when the next time is. I can't buy it. It doesn't store up or save. I only have to be here. Or there. It will find me.

It is always a surprise, generously provided by the loving hand of the Artist who created artists who create art.

To enjoy it is simply to notice. I wonder if noticing is one of the deepest and most profound forms of worship.


L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, to be one who "beholds" and says to other "behold," that seems like deep worship to me.

This post made me smile. Just the lyrical nature of it. And the beauty of the words.

I loved your comment over at Green Inventions. Someday I'd like to hear more of your story... it was like a nibble, a taste that left me wanting more.

S. Etole said...

It also sounds a lot like grace ...

Joyce said...

That is a favorite word of mine as well. The Artist who created artists who create art...I love that!

Kathleen said...

Joyce, S.Etole and LLB, You are artists also, your creativity inspires and encourages me.