Thursday, January 7, 2010

In the Clutches of the White Witch

Last winter we wondered if we were trapped in a snow globe fantasy. Rain is common and normal here in the Pacific Northwest, not snow. It caused untold trouble, but, aahh, the enchantment. These are from an old digital point and shoot, plain, unedited, un-photoshop'd. Remembering the magic:


Craig said...

Oh! I could look at pictures of snow all day! Lord please keep it in the Mountains for skiers and snowmobilers!

emily said...

oh i hope we get more snow this winter!!! i love it! great pics, kathleen... (sorry craig...) ;)

Anonymous said...

Photography I can relate to because I have been the family historian, I love all these snow pictures from last winter, they are all outstanding. always said you had such talent with a camera.