Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Ahead, Push In

Chris Brogan is a master blogger and prolific twitter user with a huge following. One of the big boys in social media. I found one of his tweets fascinating on twitter the other day, it said: 

Excited to be at #smcdallas tonight. Make sure you say hi. Don't say, "but you were swamped." Just push in. :)

It never changes - we have more influence than some and less influence than others. It is uncomfortable thinking we might be a 'pest' to those we admire. 

Push in. 

They might be spending loads of time alone. Their phone might not be ringing. They might not get any presents, cards in the mail or invitations. Their activity / full life could be initiated mostly by them. We think hoards are clawing at them and they wouldn't want to talk to us. This might be true ~ maybe it isn't true.  

Push in. 

Some of the most interesting relationships I have are a result of wriggling into 'the circle' of people who drop hands to let me in - graciously including me. It is extremely hard to do and vulnerable, but the alternative robs both of you. 

Push in. 

I love being pursued. My husband finds it quite delicious when I want him ~ which I do, often. The Lover of our souls....He likes it too. A lot.

Push in. 

Have you ever pushed in or wished someone else would have? 

Push in. 


Maureen said...

Like this, Kathleen. Nice bit of the racy, too.

Erin said...

Thank you for this. :) I have lately been feeling like I am constantly pushing in-- and it is a vulnerable place to be. But the alternative is alone.

Deidra said...

"...but the alternative robs both of you." It does indeed.

Claire said...

Kathleen so glad to find you.

Push in... this has me thinking.

I will be back.

Kathleen said...

Claire, Deidra Erin-Nice to meet you. I'll come visit you. Thx. Maureen you noticed. Thx. We are not alone girls.

Laura said...

racy too! i'm liken' this one, Kathleen.

Marcus Goodyear said...

I'm at a conference today filled with Brogan types (of a different genre, but with the same intimidation factor). I completely understand the need to push in sometimes--not to control or demand the right to be considered an equal, but almost as a matter of self-respect.

To say, I belong here in this room, breathing this air. I have value beyond the world's idea of success and intelligence and eloquence and status.

Sometimes we need to push in to remind others of that. Mostly, we push in to remind ourselves.

Kathleen said...

..."breathing this air" hit me.

For so many years I felt apologetic to take up the air that the really important people needed.

It is constantly reminding ourselves it isn't one up or one down. Hard, but easier as we become mature adults.

Well said Marcus. Thanks for dropping in.