Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Love Stomp

Many of the things on my bucket list are checked off. Not completely, but many. Some things, like stomping grapes in Italy with my skirt hitched up, barefoot with other women of all ages, laughing  and  dancing with abandon; probably won't happen. Only in movies...progress, you know.

Last winter we visited the folks in North Dakota. My mother in law was in the later stages of Alzheimer's, still being cared for at home by Gordy. His hands were full with those legendary 36 hour days.

He was quite adept and efficient in caregiving, chores, housekeeping and cooking. Quite a thing for a farmer who had spent most his life outdoors. Noble man. Tired man.

Craig and Gordon took off for some manly time together, letting me enjoy sitting with Myrtle. She napped most the time, causing me to look around for something, anything to do. Something constructive.

I decided upon changing the sheets and washing their bedspread. I forgot they had a mini sized washer and dryer. The sheets fit one at a time, but the bedspread would have broken the thing and not come clean.

They live out in the country in a tiny prairie town. The closest laundry mat is at least 22 miles away. Determined to think creatively, like a pioneer woman, I put it in the bath tub with soap and hot water. Mistakenly, I thought I could swish it around like the women down at the river do... in movies?

Wet, it weighed a ton. Wouldn't budge. My back almost went out trying to swish it. Any desperate woman would do the same; I hitched my skirt up around my hips and climbed in. I stomped that thing silly. Stomped it clean. Sudsy laughter with tears came when mom curiously stepped around the corner to have a look at the commotion.

For once, the confused, uncomprehending look on her face wasn't there. Stomping grapes for the Italian wine harvest did not surprise her at all. Her smile was priceless, like we were having fun, doing my dream together.

It has been crossed off...the love stomp. This is as good as it will ever need to be.

This is dedicated to Russell also known as @LuvStomp on twitter. His username actually tweeked my memory for this post and gave it a title. Thanks brother for letting me use it.


Anonymous said...

Love it! (Love the pic, too....) SH

Em said...

Are you taking up drawing as well??? I am really loving all the pictures you've been posting!! This is a really cute story. :)

Anonymous said...

i think this is the most beautiful thing i have ever read.

and the photo art is wonderful !!!!!

you are loved beyond measure
you are loved more than you know

Russell Holloway said...

What a wonderful story ... keep love stomping ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Great story!

Maureen said...

What a wonderful post! Just made me smile and smile.

I hope you get to Italy. It's one of my favorite places to be. Though I can't say I stomped grapes there, I did a lot of stomping round the countryside.

Kathleen said...

Em, it is a photoshopped picture. Thanks Russell, Nancy and Susan. Maureen, Italy and Greece are on the list, along with Portugal, India, Turkey and Australia...
Glad it made smiles.