Saturday, January 16, 2010

Untangling Words

Rainbow words 
shimmer in clusters
from the clasp of
 a bubble wand
a breath
of whispered hope
to untangle
wet wings of words
flying free

The first time something happens, take notice. A hot tub bath for me is a sacred sanctuary. When the girls were small, the door was locked and Craig ran interference so it was uninterrupted and peaceful. The sweet restoration it provided benefited all of us. Smart man.

Let it be said, it is a rare occurrence for me to fragment this ritual by tearing myself away from bliss. This, yes, I will bravely call it a poem, made me leave drips all over the floor, while searching frantically for a scrap of paper and a pen.

All my life, I've thought in pictures, metaphors. I see metaphors everywhere. This new poem thing is like meeting my absent identical twin after 50 years. Am I ever glad to see you sister.....

I left a comment on a posted poem today about how I'm starting to see poems, however slender they appear, as quite heavy, weighty. Muscle weighs more than fat.

Bono says "freedom has a scent like a new born babies head".  I feel sweetly free and fragrant, flying, a born again again, newborn.


em said...

wow. i am amazed! and i'm so happy you found poetry!

Bree said...

just when I thought I couldn't be more amazed by you... you go and do this. <3 You!

Maureen said...

How wonderfully you use your words to describe the shape and form of your gift now giving witness.

Anonymous said...

by george! i think you've got it! or maybe i should say caught it...or um...ran into it at full speed. i should have seen it coming, but, it was a delightful surprise instead.

Kathleen said...

Em and Bree your poetry wants birthed also.
Maureen, 'the gift giving witness' [gulp] truth I didn't know, yet.
Nancy, yes, I could have danced ALL night...I didn't see it coming either, but blame you entirely!

S. Etole said...

loving the image this invokes ...

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, suddenly the ordinary things make poetry. And we run, pant to catch them (I do). This is a journey that will keep you going for a long while! :) So happy to have you along.

Thanks for your sweet comment at Love Notes. The friend was his and his friend's... I did not know the person... but suddenly it all came home in my spouse's voice, and in the mundane moments that followed.

Kathleen said...

It truly is ordinary things Laura-

S. -the images you capture, good eye!

Phoenix-Karenee said...


I, too, jump out of the bath for these. Though I've learned to keep paper handy now.

And what a lovely discovery. I'm so glad you found poetry.