Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waiting for Green

We wait for green.
 Asparagus, forest, lime, pine,
sea shamrock, tea, viridian, Kelly,
jungle, jade, hunter, moss, myrtle, olive, pear, emerald, chartreuse,
willow, peacock, pea, army celadon, and grass green.  
Greens overlay each
other in our yards, in the park, in a
meadow, down in the valley,
up on a hill; overlaying without clashing.
Greens go
 with each other,
compliment each other,
even like each other.
Green poking up from cold, dark earth is
the most hopeful thing.
That kind of hope can't be crushed.
It begs to be noticed.
Spring green will come again, making us smile.
It always does.


L.L. Barkat said...

"it always does"

yes. but for now, the cold snows. :)

Loved all the greens. Amazing!

em said...

Mmmm...I need to be reminded of this today of all days. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

Green is amazing in variety. No other color comes close. Thx Laura and keep encouraged Em. We will see sunshine again, it's a rainbow kind of promise.

Bree said...

No wonder I find my favorite color being green.... you make it sound so majestic, so lovely.