Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Can We Live in Normal?

I need to do some grocery shopping, we are out of almost everything. But strangely, I keep putting it off. Buying dog food and anything else we need seems so trivial and shallow in contrast to Haiti's need.

Craig needs a new pair of shoes, his EEEEE's are expensive. We are taking the girls to brunch today, celebrating....these simple things are tinged with embarrassment, chagrin.

How can we live here in Normal when the loud sound of lamentation is being carried on the wind?

This is another way to help. I will lift up the hands and strengthen the feeble knees of the ones who are laboring to bring aid and succor, by uttering groanings of my own, on their behalf. There is Someone who hears and catches the tears of the hurting ones, the grieving ones and the ones bringing help, comfort and love to them. Join me? 


nAncY said...

my mother, who is not alive on earth now, prayed. i think that to pray is beyond worth, and for some reason, i still forget that i believe this. i believe it and know it, yet, i do not keep this thought in the front.

thank you for the reminder.

Kathleen said...

Reminding each other Nancy. You made me thankful I still have my mom.

Maureen said...

Prayer is an act of love. It touches hearts. It gives hope.

Thank you for using your blog to remind everyone of this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've been joining you though I didn't know it until today!