Friday, November 13, 2009


I asked. He did. Touch that spot. Bind that wound. Caress this place longer. Move me to tears. Soften my heart. Don't leave me alone. Give me compassion. Teach me empathy. Stay longer. Enjoy this part. Pour me another cup. Scratch this itch. Mend this tear. Glue this crack. Applaud this effort. Play with me. Want me. Laugh with me. Be with me. Speak to me. Remind me. Show me how. Create a new thing. Lead me along new paths. Whisper sweet nothings. Sing songs which seduce me. Never stop pursuing me. Let me know what makes you sing, cry, and laugh. Invite me. Dress me. Fill me. Infuse me with vision. Infect me with hope. Inoculate me against despair. Anoint me. Let me swim in the ocean of your love.