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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sara Groves' Fireflies and Songs-that's my post today. Because it came in the mail from Amazon.

Even though it is so easy to download songs, I like to hold the cd and read the insert, read the lyrics with all five senses.

Sweet songs.....

My favorite. All of them. Great lyrics. Troubadour extraordinaire.

Sting has a new Christmas cd out. I saw it at Starbucks. Don't tell Tess I was there, she would feel like I was unfaithful to Peet. But that is the next album to purchase. New Christmas music is heart skipping.

The Swell Season's Strict Joy is painfully joyful. The poem by James Stephens which the album is named for is heartbreakingly sweet. He says, 'caring for grief he cared his grief away' and 'because the poet makes grief beautiful'.....

I'm so melancholy today. Just melancholy.


nAncY said...

it's fun to get something good in the mail!

Kathleen said...

It sure is Nancy.

Anonymous said...

I've been that way myself...ss