Friday, November 6, 2009

Secrets of a Bride

Here are a few secrets. I very rarely go to Costco. Never like standing in line with all the other bulging people pushing fat carts. I don't really like it when we Christians say stupid stuff either. I'm twittering and love some of the movies and sights that make fun of the ridiculous things we 'followers' say and do. "Stuff Christians Like" and "Lord Save Us From Your Followers" a movie I can't wait to see. Us is the key word. I'm a follower too. I have and do and will say thoughtless things. Cliches. Have habits that I fall into by default. Empty religious behaviors that need ruthlessly shaved off.

Following is great. We should. We do. But there's more. We're the bride. The girl in the story, the princess, decked out, bejeweled, all eyes on us, stunning. Or we could be if we lived like we believed this part. God wants lovers to love on, but the church pill we have been taking has taken our spiritual libido away. To say that we go to church is as ridiculous as saying, "Let's go to bride".

My husband of almost 21 years loves to please me, treat me, serve me, surprise me and show off for me. I'm his bride. He loves it when I eagerly respond and notice his overtures. I'm his lover and he is mine. Sound familiar?

Think of us as the bride in a spiritual way. Lovers. We need to keep discovering, exploring each other. Craig can't mindlessly rub that spot under my ear that used to tickle. My response is his guide to loving me.

Craig struts when he knows he has completely satisfied me. He can't wait to do that thing again when he knows I'm content and grateful. He feels like a studmuffin when he knows he's my hero. When the kids were little, he would gift me with dishes or let me have a long bubblebath. He has new ways of loving now that fit the context of our 'new normal'.

Giving the lover of my soul mere human attributes might be lessening him, but in the context of being His bride, it won't degrade him.

In "Anna and the King" when Tuptim is given to the King as a gift, a concubine, the first wife reassures her that 'he is a kind and generous lover'.

We have one also. Along with being kind and generous, he's passionate, strong, hungry for us. Like the spanish word quiero. Love like desire, a craving. Think chocolate.

Change out some of the soggy white bread 'christian music' once in a while. Turn on some music, listen to good art. Period. Turn it on LOUD. When your very favorite love song comes on, belt it out to Him at the top of your lungs. Listen with your whole heart and you will hear Him seducing you. Lean in................

At times, it might sound like Bryan Adams or Cyndi Lauper, but don't be confused. It's Him.


nAncY said...

it is fun to hear your secrets and thoughts.

Kathleen said...

Yours too in your poems Nancy. The first ever one I read gave me a lump in my throat.

Craig said...

Baby Your All That I Want, When Your Lying Here in MY Arms!!!!!!!!

Em said...

i told matthew last night that i'm so happy to have him as my lover and my best friend! such a safe place to example of our jesus, too. love it! thanks for writing! your words take away the monday morning blues... ;)

Kathleen said...

Em, you and Matt are beautiful together. Keep enjoying each other.