Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gratefulness Go Round

Our twenty year old daughter, who thankfully still lives at home, gave us an edible gift. Supper.

She picked out a recipe from her favorite Jamie Oliver cookbook, followed his instructions to the letter, even when she questioned him. He said that taking the time to scald/peel the cherry tomatoes would make a difference. It did indeed!

She bought all the groceries, prepped and cooked everything. We enjoyed gourmet lemonade in goblets to drink, along with pumpkin pie crowned with thick whipped cream for dessert.

We felt like we had crawled into a movie set as extras from Chocolat, Babbette's Feast or Like Water for Chocolate. Food really is love. In eastern cultures, breaking bread with each other is becoming one.

There is a wonderful two way street going on with our grown children that money can't buy. They have become our friends. They reciprocate. They are generous with us. Gratefulness going round and round isn't making us dizzy. This part of life has an ease and rhythm that feels like we're all swinging in a big hammock. Together. When it slows or comes to a stop, someone invests in the 'we' and gets us going again. We get love dripped on us which makes us full enough to drip over onto someone else.

Yesterday, I was planting 350 tulip and daffodil bulbs around the yard for spring. By the time I opened the last bag of 90, my energy, by back and my digging arm were played out. I
asked Brita if she would help me finish. She cheerfully came out and partnered with me to finish the job. I couldn't have done it on my own. When I asked for help, she responded willingly. It blessed me. It was a gift. She will be part of the color burst next spring.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing you have in your daughters!

Kathleen said...

Indeed, Susan! Indeed.

Craig said...

I'm the king with 3 Beautiful, Wonderful, Queens!!!!!!!! :)