Friday, November 13, 2009

Signature Fragrance

Old friends have a scent associated with them. Glynn has been wearing a blend of Bay Rum for all of the 30 years I've known him. Richard wears Aqua Di Gio which draws our daughters in for a hug. Old Spice is old fashioned, but it still pulls me like the smell of bacon or baking bread.

Craig, being a farm boy, loves the smell of diesel fuel. Diesel emissions make him long for a tractor and a field to plant or harvest. He has always wished he could bottle that scent. A few years ago I found it. Diesel cologne. Oh my, he smells so fine when he wears it. Perfect for him.

I wear Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint. Pungent is my favorite. Something with a bite. Spice. Bam. Clears not only my nose and head but yours. Bracing.

What's your favorite aroma? What fragrance do you give off? Sweet, tangy, pungent, woodsy, spicy, flowery, fruity?

Fragrance entices if you have to chase it down to get a whiff. A hint of it hooks.....


Kandi said...

Hey Kathleen! I like Euculyptus Spearmint too, they have a new one though: Lemon Verbena/Cardoman, I think its going to be my new favorite! I like Lancomes Miracle too for special occasions (I will tell you the story about it sometime)! Clean and fresh, with a hint of citrus is wonderful!

Kathleen said...

You do always smell good Kandi! :)Can't wait to hear the story.

Anonymous said...