Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wonderful Disaster

We love having people over to our house for a meal. Most the time 2 hours before they come I'm still wondering what we'll eat. Right before they come, I'm rooting around in drawers like a pig hunting for truffles, for some lost article of clothing, food or idea.
Candles help hide the dust in the corners.
The bedroom door needs a yellow quarantine ribbon taped across it.
The couch cushions need double sided tape so no one can lift them for a look see.
The furnace filter needs changed to keep people from sneezing.
We hope against hope no one gets a dog hair from Maggie with a bite.
The goblets might have spots.
The oven has drips.
We might not have napkins, paper towels will do.
The bread might not rise.
Once I forgot the sugar in the pumpkin pie, which made it the most humorous and memorable Thanksgiving ever!

But when the first knock comes, I forget all this completely. "Ah, it is so good to see you" ~ trumps it all. The hugs, smiles, stories, laughter and warm food will be the memory we will have when we're old. The mess will never let us miss this part. It's the good part. Feeding each other's hearts.


emily said...

Ditto!! Ditto!! (you will need to add a 'gadget' for me to click on that says "ditto!" -- ha!) love you, kindred sprirt friend...

Craig said...

My Love, You always tell me we can go to plan "Q".
Your such a natural I've never seen this Plan "Q".
Emily, you too are such a natural!
It's the fellowship!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe a word of it! ss