Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Someone was prompted to speak words of life over Craig and me recently. Simple words. Words which slathered healing balm. Directly addressed and counteracted the old words of death from an old wound which gets the scab peeled off at times.

These words offered hope, helped us remember our 'white pebble name'. Validated. Affirmed.

Have you ever been X'd? Unnamed? Everything you are, rejected? It makes you question what is real. You feel crazy. It makes you question reality. Did you imagine your desire to bring or add value to your world. Being unnamed causes you to believe that you really haven't, don't and won't make a difference. Ever. Stuck in the never want to try again part.

Then, along comes a person who breathes on the dying embers of what used to be a blazing fire in your soul and you remember. Remember who you really are, remember your passionate desire to reach out and make a difference. Remember it does matter. All of it.

How to pass it on? Consider yourself tagged. You're it. Grab someone today, kindle them, give them a kiss, a hug and a whisker rub~for their body, mind, soul and heart.


Anonymous said...

I have definitely felt unnamed at times 'til recently.

Knowing one's name & worth is extraordinary. Makes me experience life in a new, exciting way.

Kathleen said...

S.H. ~It sure does 'make us experience life in a new, exciting way'!

Anonymous said...

So glad for this experience for you...it sounds wonderful!