Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grateful to You!

To the people I follow on twitter.

There is no other way to do this; usually, I send a simple handwritten card with a stamp on it through the UPS when I want to thank someone. I don't even know your real name sometimes, just your twitter handle. And we don't give are addresses to strangers. Pretend this is hand written with a good pen on fine stationary.....and has a stamp on the envelope.

After only a month on Twitter, navigating, translating, decoding and getting accustomed to its strange world, I wanted to tell you all how much my life has changed since "following" you. I could stay embarrassed at the 'mullet' blog I have with it's rough toothed edges, get stuck at ashamed, compare or instead be hungry and thirsty grabbing what you offer, teach, feed, introduce, exhort, caution, coach, inspire, spur and expose me to in your world. Your point of view is changing my point of view.

This is what you've done for me. I'm thankful! It has been one of the most amazing things in my life to be connected to so many other creative thinkers, artists all. I don't feel alone. You have kindled and sparked my spirit, each of you. I know I will grow and get refined as I listen, read and glean all that each new status offers.

Here's some comic relief, the first few days, I clicked on the follow button or subscription button of all of the 213 people I follow. My google reader was busting its seams. I could not keep up, could not sleep and could NOT get rid of the 'word cloud gadget' in my head! To survive the onslaught of stimulating conversations/your blogs, I had to delete and do 1 by 1 from twitter posts.



Kathleen said...

And folks, I'm learning. Just today I learned the difference between it's and its. Woops above! Maybe someday I'll have something for an editor to edit? :)

nAncY said...

i am with you. it is very encouraging and inspring to relate with the wonderfully creative and kind people on line. i am glad that you are taking part.

Kathleen said...

Kind is the perfect work Nancy!

Anonymous said...

I still don't even know what twitter is...I guess that is ok