Friday, December 18, 2009

Book of Comfort

This leatherbound book with
gold leafed pages and a brass
clasp was purchased at a thrift
store for less than a dollar.

It was unwanted and unappreciated.

I found it, bought it and consider
it a priceless treasure.

It has a date of 1857 inside, published in Belfast. It is called "Garden of the Soul" a book for Catholics, which I'm not.

It doesn't matter. It is beautiful, and gardening is my soulish passion?

Being one of many who have held it, is a privilege.

It might have experienced first hand 'The Troubles' in Ireland, immigration, the stress of navigating Ellis Island or possibly the perils of a hard and lonely pioneer life.

I imagine it brought comfort to the hearts and hands of those who held it close.


Anonymous said...

this one is new to me, what is in it?
and what is it's size?

Kathleen said...

4x6 inches, sort of like what we think of as a daily devotional? It feels warm in my hands.

Amanda Thomas said...

A dollar? You're so right, it is a priceless find! It's sad that something published so long ago would be considered by some to have so little worth. It is beautiful, I wish I were even half so fortunate in my thrift store outings!