Saturday, December 26, 2009


iwonder: how to stay childlike without being childish
how to keep believing love really does change everything
when to guard my heart
where to pour out my passion
where to spend time
how to keep wonder and awe lubricated
how to be diligent in caring for this healthy body given me
who's life will intersect with mine next
what story needs to be told
how to create more beautiful memories
what to creatively produce
who to trust
how to love well
what muscles and skills need developed more
what beliefs need readjusted to match what is true
how to learn better critical thinking
what the second half will be like
how to live like I believe the best is yet to come
how to grow an unoffendable heart
where the next adventure will take me
when the page will turn
what the next chapter will say
how to 'be more curious than furious'
when I'll know that it was all meant for good in the end
when the tears will grow something good for others to enjoy
why i am so blessed


Anonymous said...

i wonder some of those things too.

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering these things as life changes for you Kali, keep writing! ss

Kathleen said...

Glad to have sistas, shoulder to shoulder in the trench with me.

emily said...

I've been thinking about "what to creatively produce" this week...interesting! we can chat about it next time you come for coffee, eh? hopefully sooner rather than later... :)