Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our home is called Cala Sona. It is Gaelic for Haven of Happiness.

I copied it from the name of my favorite B&B in the Scottish Highlands. Arthur, our 80 year old host, gave me permission to use it.

It is NOT happy every minute of every day of the week, month and year. Our family is too real for that fantasy. Our many shadows lurk on the outside for all to see.

But it is it's name, so we come back to remembering what we hope it will be and what it needs to be and what we all want it to be ~ A haven where it's safe to be. A shelter. A harbor. A hideaway. A loving place. A happy place. A forgiving place. A graceful place. Home.

The handmade wrought iron knocker on the door was Craig's first blacksmithing project. It reminds me to knock, seek, ask and find the goodness inside.

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