Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real Day

On my way to make coffee, rubbing my eyes and trying to get the hair out of my face this morning I stepped in water covering the kitchen floor. It was dripping out from under the kitchen counter.

Four towels later, that nastiest of all spots was cleaned out. One of the copper pipes had been bumped somehow and the seal was dripping. All the soggy things had to be gone through, some thrown out.

Before calling Craig to see if I should turn off the water main, I made coffee. Coffee helps. Always gives a brighter forecast to the day.

I had invited a friend and her children to come over to decorate cookies and make some Christmas wreaths this morning. I had to go to plan B, then Q, working around my amazing plumber and the mess in the kitchen.

Craig had to tear out down to the sub floor, bleach it, dry it out, make a new shelf base and now he is soldering the pipe again.

My back is out, everyone is on their own for supper. It has been one of those days. Maggie has dug up most of the bulbs planted for spring. I forgot or rather procrastinated emptying the plant pots this fall before it froze. They will crack from freezing with moist dirt still inside.

I canceled a trip to Portland tomorrow, it was too overwhelming to think of, even though seeing old friends sounded wonderful.

This is real life at our house. In the midst of chaos, the take away from this day is a picture of Vivian face first into her sugar and frosting coated cookie, coming up for breath licking her lips and smiling without a care in the world.

Em and her girls were a gift today.

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emily said...

we are oh-so-happy to be of service to you, dear friend! vivian will put her face in frosting any day for you, i'm sure of it. ;)
love you!!!