Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We call it his NEWny. Craig will be getting a new knee the 23rd. He has had chronic, acute pain for the last year. The Dr. told him he would know when it was time. It's past time.

He is looking forward to this grueling surgery and hard recovery. We hear lots of stories from people who have had it done. Most are successful. A few are horror stories. We are listening to the good stories.

Others have blazed this trail for him to follow. He will be a trail blazer for others.

Sometimes we get to borrow someone else's vision for the future. We try to see how good the other side of the hard circumstance is by seeing it through their eyes, but most of the time we can't know how good it will be. We can't ....................yet.


Craig said...

Nothing but smiles! :)

emily said...

craig: you will be in our prayers!
kathleen: will you let us know if you have a need during those first few days, please? as in meals, doggie care, etc??? we love to do that sort of thing! : )