Thursday, December 24, 2009

Craig's New Knee

Craig is the proud owner of a new knee today.  Yesterday's surgery went well, although it took longer for the surgeon to clean up old scar tissue and burrs.  It was 3 or more long hours after I knew he came through surgery ok before the message came that he was recovering and being taken to his room.

One of the funniest things was the pre-op nurse as she tried to get his circulation stockings over his bear paw feet and huge muscled calves.  She grunted and groaned, heaved and sweated and almost broke a nail along with punching a hole in the things.

Someone in surgery drew a smiley face on the pad of his big toe.  It was the first thing greeting us and  made us all smile.  The drugs made him talk non-stop.  We giggled into our sleeves at how animated he was towards evening.  Sleeping on his back makes his snoring really loud, so I'm sure he's famous.

Today was wonderful.  He walked around the floor several times, sat up most the day and faithfully did his excercises all day long.  His extension is amazing and he is bending easily to 90 degrees. The self-medicating narcotics which had a joy button he could punch every 6 minutes if he wanted to, was never used.

It seemed like Dr. Bill Huong has all the bases covered for premium recovery.  He likes his patients to use an 'aircast' ice water cooled pack that lasts 6 hours from right after surgery for 2 weeks.  It isn't ice, so is able to stay strapped on continuously.  He also gave a nausea patch behind the ear so there weren't any side effects from the anesthesia. The pain cocktail he gives his patients right before surgery helps the pain cycle not get started after surgery.  When he checked in on Craig, it seemed like he was the poster child for a successful procedure.  He looked proud of himself and Craig.  :)

Most of all he has been a ray of sunshine to anyone who has the privilege of caring for him.  His smile, his gratitude and attitude is contagious. Tess, Brita, Mike, Mary, Shelly, Pat and our beloved friend and neighbor Jon came to visit.  That was the sweetest thing.  Craig has spent many hours visiting people in hospitals and nursing homes and it came back around to bless him big time.

I crawled in bed with him tonight before I left, for a warm snuggle inside his strong arms. His broad chest felt like the safest place in the world. It is Christmas Eve after all.  The nurse peeked in, grinned and said, "I don't see this" as she left us.

All is right in our world.  "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away."


emily said...

thank you for posting an update! merry christmas, overbys! will craig be coming home today? i was praying for him on his surgery day. :)

Grandma Pam said...

YAY! Congratulations on the successful surgery - we are in the midst of of a good old North Dakota blizzard - tucked safely in Fargo at Mandy's with our kids! Now, that's what I call a good Christmas AND a good blizzard!! Have fun taking care of that teddy bear of yours!

Kathleen said...

Thx Em and Pam. Merry Christmas-the best ever!

Sherlene said...

Boy I miss a lot! I didn't even know Craig was having surgery. How's he doing and is he home now? Did you guys have to spend Christmas without him?

I love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Is this a knee replacement? What kind of knee surgery? We have had many knee surgery's in our family, 5 to be exact and I know the nursing job at home is not always easy. I hope all goes well for you, I'll keep you in my prayers. with love,\