Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bravehearted Girls

Last night there was a gathering of women, for a Valentine's party.  Each one came with a story, a backpack full of pain, a bottle of tears, a smile to melt anyone's heart and enough courage to take back their lives and live as daughter's of the king.  On purpose.  Captivating.  Spicey. Juicy.  Enthused.  Loving.  Intent on encouraging each other.  Beautiful women...

I kept thinking, William Wallace isn't the only person on earth with the nickname Braveheart.   These women might as well have a sign on their foreheads or a tattoo with "Braveheart" embedded.  Or a custom license plate engraved with "Braveheart".  

They didn't bring any self pity, self absorbed entitlement or bitterness, in spite of being widowed, abandoned, rejected or just alone/single.  The common thread was that they all had taken responsibility for what was theirs, some were in recovery, most had heard from heaven recently and all of them expressed gratefulness and thankfulness for something in their lives. They were moving ahead, spinning out now and again, but not permanently stuck.  

It was a blessed experience to be breathing in and out with them, sharing the hope filled air,   and chatter that didn't need prompted with any manufactured 'ice-breakers'.   

Sometimes a first aid kit isn't white with a redcross symbol on it with gauze, medicine, needle, etc., inside when you open the latch.  

Most the time it is simply a hug, an offered prayer,  a proffered kleenex, a hand to hold, someone to listen and really look into each other's eyes.  Good coffee, cocoa or tea.  A good laugh.  Fun food.  And chocolate.  

We can all, everyone of us, tote this kind of first aid kit along to unlatch anytime, anywhere, to anyone who might need it.  

 Let's!   :)


Kandi said...

And U were the bravehearted hostess with the mostess! I cannot tell you what a blessing this was, and my heart aches for these other ladies and I want to hug them and encourage them in His mighty care! He is so near to the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds! Thanks again...God moved as you provided this wonderful platform for Him to do it...!

KoverB said...

You are such good glue Kandi, your smile lights up the room....

Chris Bates said...

Beautiful evening I think. Lord bless your love for them.