Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doing Fear

Twenty invitations went out yesterday for a party.  Nothing every changes......because after all these years, as I put them into the mail box, I got this familiar sense of;  those are really dumb, no one will come, why do you think any one would want to come, what if it doesn't turn out, blah, blah, blah.  Don't do it......

Craig and I love to have people over for food, fellowship and fun, but over the years this has been part of the reality; I'm also terrified every time and wonder why I'm doing it.  Usually Craig has to inject me with courage, because I'm convinced no one will come, even though we have years and years of proof that people do come.   I'm so glad I push through the lies and don't believe them, because we really truly enjoy it-a lot!  That's the real truth!   

A person who is a great speaker and has great presence, mentioned the other day that they get anxious and so nervous before they get up in front.   I was surprised, you would never know.   They seem so comfortable and connect well.   They  have learned to push through the lies.   

A young wife having their first 'company' over for dinner, told me how scared she was, and how she wanted to cancel it.  I was able to tell her my fears and how I usually felt.   She was so relieved, and waded through the fear to the other side.  They had so much fun.    

It is so easy to feel the fear and let it keep us from doing 'that thing', whatever it is.   The thing is though, feel the fear and do it any ways.  Eleanor Roosevelt quipped, "Do one thing every day that scares you".   Love it!     

Here's my quote:  Yeah I'm scared-oh well, so what?       

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