Friday, February 20, 2009

River of Life

Exercise is good, we all know that.  Walking around our neighborhood is easy.  Walking around the airport trail is convenient.  It is about 5 1/2 miles total or it can be cut in half down the middle.  It is partly through the woods, has a little traffic and a few trails that wind through the trees with ferns, flowers and that loamy thick pine needle carpet to walk on.....

Centennial trailhead is also close by for walks, and it is great for bike riding.  Again, there are other people enjoying it's natural beauty winding through the woods, off road.  

Even though I am so thankful for these places which are so close by, the short drive to the river is where I long to be where my eyes feast, my soul rests, my imagination flies, my heart restores and every wrinkle in my mind gets ironed out.  My body hums, purrs, glows after being there in a state which looks entirely idle.  It isn't though.  It's incubator time.  Cocoon time. Inside happenings not visible on the outside.  Comfortable and at ease with the slow solitude which has a scent, an essence of sweetness...... which I hope clings to me as I return to real life.

Exercise isn't even the point; being outside, enjoying the wonderfulness is the point.  Absorbing it and letting it permeate every pore is the point.  Soaking it in till I drip.  

Maybe tomorrow it will be Maggie and me and the river.......... 

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