Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Sittin' on a Rainbow"

We were invited to a wedding reception dinner Saturday night.  The bride and groom were both friends of ours before they married each other.   They went to Maui for a very simple beach ceremony.  It was so beautiful.  If I ever get married again, that's what I want, barefoot on the water.  They were so pure, ready for love, expectant and hopeful.  Both older and wiser from past history.  

The pastor that married them was a singer, stage manager, friend, spiritual director, showman and a mastor at framing the  view, the poignant moments and encouraging lots and lots of yummy kissing.   As we watched the video, we all decided that never before has so much kissing happened at a wedding.  Maybe we need to move to Hawaii.   I really like to kiss.  
The lei ceremony was sweet, so inclusive;  loving and honoring each other and the couple standing with them-who introduced them.  It was magical.... a miracle.  

And Craig even asked me to dance a slow one.  I said yes, even though neither of us really know how to dance.  But we've been moving together for 20 years now, we do know how.  We just relaxed and let the music.....    

What made me a little sad for us, happy for them, was the spiritual quality of their day.  It was so much more than the civil ceremony we had and were accustomed to.  But, that's where we were-it was normal and common for us and our friends and family.  Their day invited supernatural power, help and hope for the future.....their Creator, the One who knew their name before the world was created, was a wanted guest.  The One who had caught every tear in a bottle knew this day was in store for them, and I believe He applauding.....smiling.....blessing!  

When I'm watching a wedding, I think they are my favorite.  When I'm at a believer's funeral, I think it's my favorite.  When I'm at a baptism, I think it's my favorite.  Maybe someday I will be at a live birth, other than my own or my children's and it will be my favorite?  What they all have in common is hope.  Like our theme song, John Prine's "In Spite Of Ourselves" says, 
'In spite of ourselves, we'll be sittin' on a rainbow'    :)    


Sherlene said...

Were these the 2 we met when we were at your home? eep... can't remember their names.

I know what you mean about the spiritual quality of the wedding. But when Kevin and I were married we had the pastor of our church (who didn't marry us BTW) come to our reception and he gave a us a blessing and prayed over us right there in front of all our family. It was really wonderful!

Sherlene said...

So... are you in Maui?

KoverB said...

I just wish we were in Maui! That's so sweet you had that blessing at your wedding. Yes, you me Don and Janelle. :)