Monday, February 16, 2009

Funerals for numbers

A new phone is a terrible learning curve for me as is changing e-mail.  We are going to comcast, so went to gmail.   As I am changing over, there is a sadness that some of the numbers and e-mail addresses aren't getting updated, changed over.   Phone numbers and addresses that were a vital link to a vibrant friendship at one time.  A friendship which is dead, or maybe only was vital to me.  Makes me so sad because I don't know what happened.  What was misunderstood? Why can't it be repaired?  What was the hurt?   Why couldn't we talk and process?  Why couldn't we work it out?  

Do it wrong, then learn how to do it better.  What to do by learning what not to do.  Try again. 
Being resilient in life & friendships; loving is a big assignment. 

I have no answer, just a feeling like I've been to a funeral and the one in the casket is gone.  Missed.  Now and forever.  Grief is real.   But there are new numbers and addresses that weren't there 6 months ago.  That is sweet too.    

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