Monday, February 16, 2009

Stilly Sunshine

After my second cup of coffee this morning, Maggie looked at me, looked out the window then kept going to the door as if to say, 'it is gloriously sunny, why aren't we at the river already'?   I couldn't resist, even though there were a few chores I could have done.  The girls shoved me out the door, encouraging me. 

No regrets, it was amazing!   I meant to stay for only an hour, but 4 hours later.........
Rich conversation, tranquil setting, the grass all sparkling, and sky bluer than blue. The rocks looked varnished and polished through the opaque, mossy green water.  Being. 

It was warm enough to take off my jacket and sweater!   My cheeks and shoulders actually felt warm and sunkissed.  Wow!   

There was a chain saw purring - someone cutting down a few trees; reminded me of watching my dad cutting firewood.  Just as the tree crashed down, before it hit I used to yell, "TIMBER" in my biggest voice.   

Honeymoonin' with my Maker......... 

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