Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bi-Polar Mermaids

When I was single, 20 and more years ago, I used to wonder what married couples talked about after 20-30 years of being together.  Or families after 30 years of knowing each other.  After you know each other so well that you talk without words and silence isn't uncomfortable.   

How was your day?  Good.  And yours?  Good.  

Nothing is bad and there isn't any crisis or catastrophe, but the truth is that there are just times of nothing exciting, nothing amazing, nothing but the practical aspects of living. It's a comfortable affection without continuous sizzle.  


Stagnating isn't the same as waiting.  A slough isn't a lake or pond no matter how much you want it to be.  

How did Pilgrim progress out of the Slough of Despondency?  I can help other people do it,  but can't help myself.  I need to read it again-but could it be that he took a step, then another one?

I was reading an ad for a spa somewhere in the sunshine and it said it had a unique natural mineral hot springs that was lithium rich!  Maybe I could sneak over the fence and steal a free lithium soak?  

That sounds like a daring adventure to get the adrenalin going, an extreme sport, a rush to cure a possibly bi-polar mermaid.  Manic is way more fun!   :)

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