Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Thank You Please

There are things in life that I won't succumb to, ever.  It makes me seem selfish at times, yet in order to have time for the people and activities I love, these must be deleted.  Saying 'no' takes muscle.    If I did them out of obligation, it would take up so much time and rob my days, take away from being on purpose.  I intend to live on purpose...... so these things are absent:

Home parties where even though you don't have to buy anything, you feel strange if you don't. Then afterwards you get hit up to have your own party with your circle of 'friends'.   

Chain mail, pass it on, forwards in your slow mail with a stamp or e-mail.  No thank you please. 

Television.  Being forced to watch advertising and have a great piece of artistry fragmented and chopped up into bits makes me itch.   Putting a movie in, on purpose, choosing it then immersing yourself in it.......YES!   

Radio most of the time feels the same, noise and confusion and mindless chatter...... love my ipod!   Greatest gift of all time!  

There are other things that I'm simply not comfortable with, so release myself from the bondage of making myself do it.  Even if everyone else is doing it and likes it... 

Freedom to do and freedom not to do..... I no longer say yes, just because I'm to afraid to say no.  When I say yes, it is sincere.  When I say no, it is also sincere.  It has only taken 49 years! 

Freedom like this frees me from resentment, duty, ulcers, anxiety and panic.  

Freedom gives me abundant generosity, wide 'margins' on the top, bottom and sides of my life for serendipity and lagniappe....

Freedom makes it possible to bring out the first aid kit for triage when someone is in dire straights.  

Freedom puts hours on the clock, adding minutes to an hour, hours to a day, days to a week, weeks to a month and months to a year.   

Wow, I really really like living like this!    This is the sweet life!   Just swinging in the hammock of life...............

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daughter
I agree with all you said, but do find it is harder to say NO to kids, but that is a Mom, just don't liked pushed into things. then I am like a mule.