Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homemade Love

Being creative fills me up, lightens my thoughts, lets my hands rove while my mind explores the nooks and crannies.  Making time to be 'artistical' is like spreading honey-butter on life; it soaks into the holes and drips everywhere,  in a sticky good way.  

I made very simple, homemade looking Valentine's today.   It was so much fun and done the old fashioned way with scissors, paper, glue and one good pen. 

Craft stores have hundreds of items for scrap bookers that would have made them more professional and trendy.  They would have come out pretty.  But the sort of plain homely ones I sent out were made with lots and lots of love; the time spent was rich and so rewarding. 

Maybe there will still be an essence of my love still lingering on them when they are opened?  

I have 3 more to make.  Special ones for Craig and Tess and Brita.  I write about Craig all the time....so now for the girls....

The girls have crossed over from being my daughters to becoming my best friends.  Peers.  It is unbelievable how frequently I ask them for counsel, their opinion, or their perspective.  We like being together so much and the understanding we have with and for each other is becoming a huge gift for me. Oh, they make me laugh!   And the moves, the food, the coffee, the music, the fun they make.....!    
I'm so grateful that they still pile into bed with me 
and bug me
and interrupt me, 
bang around wrestling upstairs,
help get the house and me put back together again. 

Their kisses and hugs are the best thing ever. Every love note they have written is still tucked safely in a drawer, some of them almost broken at the crease from being read over and over again.  

I want them and really, really like them, my three best beloveds.......


Anonymous said...

Our girls feel to me like a "slice of Heaven"

KoverB said...

Shrekerbee, you do make beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is amazing when the relationship changes from being the Mom to being a fried to your kids. the burden is lighter it is fun to watch then travel the same path you did at their age, this stage in life is more fun.