Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flying Solo?

After my last published post just a little bit ago, I picked up a book by Brenda Euland about art, creativity, writing and living big.   What she said was really funny and so pertinent to what I had just posted.   

Laughing at yourself is also good... along with squirming.   

She says, "All this is why you cannot write a long, long book, four -fifths full of your own psychological writhings, your own entrails all pinned out on the surgical table.  Who cares?  Besides, every reader knows at once that you are a snob and an egotist and do not care about anyone but yourself.  So the reader flags and thinks with a feeling of exhaustion; 'Why read more? He isn't going to tell me anything.  He is talking to himself.'  

So with that said, I have now coined some new words ~ google them for originality....

Masturblogging.          Bloggerbating.          Bloggerbation. 

Flying solo in cyberspace.......  

Please laugh with me when you're done being exhausted!    :)   


Anonymous said...

This was really funny, I did get a good laugh but keep on writing and I will keep on reading

KoverB said...

You and Craig, my faithful fans-only fans! :) You guys have to, you're my mom and husband. I'm grateful! :) This one was too much for him-I was laughing at myself!