Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hearing Love Songs

Craig, dear man, is ok with my mads, glads, highs and lows.  So is God.  Unbelievable how they still like me...all of me.  And they would both rather have this, than a numb me.  So would I.

Lobotomies  are outlawed nowadays surgically at least, but there are pills for the same droning life where your pain is dulled, but you never feel like you're gonna burst, like the little song bird outside my window this morning, singing a big song because he couldn't help it.  His throat had to have had stretch marks and his skin must have been bursting at the seams, ready to split.  I kept waiting for him to get hoarse or tired, but his stamina outlasted my time.  I think it must have been a love song......

This morning I asked a friend how she was, and her smiling reply, which included her beautiful eyes was, "I'm a mess".  She was dressed impeccably, coifed perfectly and looked gorgeously put together.  She had to get up in front of a crowd to speak and probably didn't feel as put together on the inside as she looked on the outside.   I LOVED that answer!   :)   It was soooo real.    

I'm a lyrics nut, which is poetry put to music.  Looking at titles of songs and studying lyrics is as good as the names of a new 'dish' along with the actual recipe.  

There are a couple of songs called, "Beautiful Mess"  and "Beautiful Disaster" ~ the titles say it all......I love dichotomies and paradoxes.  

Our Maker, I Am, the Breath of Life in us, the One who fills us with His spirit- sees the beautiful part, the gifted areas, the bright spots, the glow, along with the mess and disaster;   He sees us perfect and righteous and altogether lovely.    I like it. 

I feel like the skunk in "Bambi" who says, "You can call me Flower if you want to, I don't mind"! 

We can live this amazing life as if there's nothing wrong with us, not because there isn't anything wrong with us, but because He doesn't see anything wrong with us when He looks  at us through Jesus' eyes.   We get this gift for free.  We get to choose it.   Believe it.  

I really enjoy love songs.  They all become love songs to the Lover of my soul eventually, but on the way to that destination, they are first love songs to my mate and companion.  

Often though, I can hear the Lover of my soul crooning them to me.  This morning He sang the verse to me and I sang the chorus to him.....

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