Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Grapes

The nippers and loppers are waiting close by.  I'm heading out to the yard to prune back the grape vines and some shrubs.  If I have time, I will cut and clean up some dead plant stalks.  The shrubs and grapes and roses need shaped and cut back so they will bloom and set good fruit and flowers next year.  

I have a vision for my grape arbor, but so far it seems like I'm still learning.  I didn't cut it back enough last year and it made too much vine, set alot of fruit that didn't have the umph to come to maturity, small runt grapes that ended up being useless.  This year, my nippers will be ruthless.  

Sometimes it feels like God is ruthless when pruning me.  But I'm getting a shape.  He leaves some bud nodules and a structure that can bear heavy fruit someday, with branches that won't break from having weak spots at the elbows.  He doesn't want my branches to have to be propped up or create a wound that won't heal.  Those kind let disease in the tree.  The cuts have to be clean and slanted just right.  

I had a dream a couple of years ago.  The words, 'Grapes of Eschol' kept being repeated over and over again and I saw two men carrying a pole with this cluster of grapes slung over it.  This dream was like the story in scripture.  Each grape was as big as a baseball.    

When I did a study on the Valley of Eschol, it was a valley of decision, they got to choose which way they would live.  In fear or promise.  Even though the proof was in those amazing grapes they had a million reasons why not to go.  It is so interesting that most of the returned scouts couldn't give a good report. They saw the same thing as Caleb and Joshua, but perceived it differently. Or were too afraid of  taking the responsibility.  Only 2 brave hearted, visionaries
with enough courage to infect everyone.  Contagious courage and enthusiasm.  

Sometimes I'm so enthusiastically courageous it feels like with one match, the whole world will light up.  Let's go TAKE IT!  LET'S DO IT!   Just move, and trust that the Lord will be with.   

Sometimes I'm so fearful, doubtful and talk myself out of using the talents and gifts that have been given to me, because of what if it failed?  Scarier still what if succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, then what?  

The truth is this.  I want pruned, shaped, cared for so my future will have grapes of gigantic proportions.  Big.  Juicy.  Satisfying.  Filling.  Grapes of Eschol grapes for my fellow travelers.   


Anonymous said...

This is really good, enjoyed it lots, sure wish I had a grape arbor, but do have the vine.Am a little behind in my reading your posts, have been busy trying to keep up with Marsha.

KoverB said...

We'll figure out something for your arbor, I'm coming in the spring...