Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ethereal Orange Lipstick

My friend Debi and I went to Greenlake to have coffee at Peet's, where any three of our favorite baristas could create and hand us pure love over the counter.  Tessa, Bree and Kalee know how to put love in coffee. 

When I'm out - my treat drink is a small breve, 2 shots.  At home it's press pot with a dollop. My breve today was comforting and satisfying indeed.  The first sip made me sigh with gratitude.  
The sun was out, the lake was beautiful, the air fresh and crisp.  Daffodils nodded cheerfully all along the sides of the path around the lake, trying bravely to open up to the sunshine.      

After we walked for a bit, we sat down outside on a bench where an old lady in a trench coat from the 70's appeared out of nowhere.  It was an instant feeling of knowing her, even though we hadn't ever met.  She had very orange lipstick. I don't think any stores sell that color.  She encouraged both of us; holding Debi's hand then telling me that I had sunshine in my cheeks. We talked about nothing, yet it seemed important because we were laughing one moment and almost crying the next. She left us cheerfully, but we felt 'visited' somehow as she went inside for her cup of love.  The encounter left us dizzy with possibilities...we looked at each other sort of dazed, wondering what had just happened.  

Tessa came home and the first thing she asked was, "Mom, did you know that old lady you were talking with? Did you tell her about me?"  I said, no and no I don't think so, then asked why. She said that she came in the store, ordered a drink, told Tessa that she was really loved at home, connected with several of the employees and customers in some way.  As she left, everyone had the same sensation, same questions....
-Who was that?
-That felt really nice. 
- Should I know her?  
-Do you know her? 
She hugged the girl that doesn't get hugs and almost made her cry after she whispered something kind in her ear.  It wasn't charisma, it wasn't chutzpa, it wasn't panache.  She didn't want or need attention.  It didn't feel creepy, no red flags, no instinct screaming danger at the instant intimacy.  She just showed up and gave, leaving a mixture of sweet air to breathe.  

An angel in a trench coat wearing orange lipstick?  Or an old lady who was fully living until she died, making sunshine wherever she went, leaving a trail of smiles and footprints of joy, a breath of fresh air.  Ethereal.  


Rhonda said...

Goosebumps and a lightened heart!

KoverB said...

Exactly how I felt Rhonda!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope she visits Idaho, would love to meet her.