Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Anyways!

Brita and her friend Kayla took off this morning for my mom's in southern Idaho.  It is a straight, 11 hour shot.  They were a bit worried last night looking at the WSDOT sight last night and the storm warnings for the next 2-3 days.  They had a small window of time when this adventure would work, so waiting for the storm to pass wasn't an option.  

In Idaho, we were able to drive during the day when we were 14 and around the clock by age 16.  Taking off on a road trip, big or little has always been fun to me.  When I was 15, mom let me take her only car on a 5 hour trip to McCall for a week of summer camp.  It must have fueled my wanderlust.............which has NEVER abated yet.  Thanks mom!  It was just the beginning of many trips, each one of them equipping, empowering me, training me to trust, pray, prepare, dream, and crave adventure.   I want to pass this on to my girls.  Being comfortable with the great unknowns, opening unfamiliar doors without always knowing what's behind them.

As I sent the girls off with an emergency box of matches, candles, chocolate, nuts, flashlight and blanket, it was a bit difficult - maybe they were heading into danger.  At the same time, I wanted them to experience the joy of a possibly challenging adventure, getting on the other side, have a story to tell.  To know they could do it, realize they could ask for human help and Supernatural help.  Trust.  Live fully.  Go.  

Life has storms.  The road is slippery sometimes.  We have to go slow once in a while. Sometimes there isn't much visibility.  You have to know even when you're prepared for emergencies, there are surprises that nothing can prepare you for and going to plan 'F' or 'Q' is required creative thinking!   

The rest of the story is theirs........but; I will tell you that Brita just called and they are about 3 hours away from mom's.   Her voice was tinged all around the edge with joy, jubilance and a fresh zest for life's possibilities.......


Anonymous said...

They made it with flying colors, as I drove up the highway to meet her, and our cars were side by side in the dark, we looked across at each other and my comment was Kathleen must have come after all, and she looked at me and thought I was her Mom in the car. funny huh?
The girls are like wiggly little puppies, when my other daughters and Son come over to see the girls Brita just shakes her head in amazement at how 4 of my daughters can be so totally different. (each one unique of course) Tues Marsha is taking them to the river to fish, clean them on the spot, build a fire cook them and throw some potatoes in the fire also, funny thing is Brita does not even like fish but she is willing for this dinning experience, is even excited about this big adventure, I promised her that anything Marsha was involved in would be an adventure she would always remember.
I think they must feel like time has stood still here in Idaho,a much slower pace. the comment was It feel kind of nice.

KoverB said...

Time does stop in Idaho and it surely is nice! :) I'm coming as soon as I can dig in your garden!