Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like Salt

The book "Salt" by Mark Kurlansky jumped into my arms along with "Shacketon's Way" at Powell's City of Books today.  Weird picks!   

The former I slurped up and wrote some things down.  The latter I bought because the story of the Endurance is one of the most intriguing true tales ever, in my opinion.   Every aspect of it inspires and fascinates me.    

My favorite quote from 'Salt' is:  "I love you like salt."   
He says tradition suggests that the young girl who said it to her father hundreds of years ago got banished, because he thought it was an insult.  

Until we have to do without salt, we can't imagine how important it is.  It used to be a precious commodity to trade with, like money. 
It prevents decay, preserves,  protects,  sustains life, longevity, suggests permanence.  Loyalties and friendships are sealed with salt.  It is an eternal covenant.  Salt seals a bargain.  Evil spirits detest salt. 

Salt is a potent and sometimes dangerous substance  that has to be handled with care.  

So I quipped my own quote:  "I miss you like salt"   I really do!     

It was a very interesting read, seriously!  :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts Love.
You, having been my cook for the best 20 + years of my life know how quilty I can be of taking for granted "salt", not knowing its there until you leave it out. Thank you for "salting" my oats all these wonderful years. You can bring on a wonderful "thirst".

Your Love, Craig O

Bree said...

All I could think about is what salt does to a slug...have you ever seen that? Turns it to mush... hmmmm, my brain sometimes, I tell ya!

KoverB said...

You're right Bree, salt is potent and dangerous and must be handled with care. I've been salted a few times...... I turned to mush, but somehow survived!