Monday, March 16, 2009


Green is a fascinating color.  In spring when you look across a valley, the different shades, hues of green never end.  Green is the one color that matches itself, no matter what.  In a garden the varied greens all go together, there is never a mistake.  Lime somehow looks good with blue green hostas.  Dark forest looks good with grass green.  Fern and pistachio......

If I was a color, I would want to be green.  It is the color of new life.  Tender shoots sprouting, poking, becoming.   Green is hopeful.  

It's time to go pick a bunch of pussy willows and put them in a jar on the table, celebrate what we know is coming.  Look forward to it.  Anticipate it.......plan for it.  Walk towards it, see it coming!
Enjoy the handoff from winter.....

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Anonymous said...

Yes Spring is coming, the buds on Marsha's fruit tree's are getting plump, and I am eyeballing the Rhrubarb patch each time I go to Jerome, a few days ago saw some peeking out of the dirt, so yes there is Spring in the air. We can hardly wait.