Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gardener's Bliss Soon

Flowers from seeds?  When every store has 4-6 pony paks that can deliver almost instant color along with gratification for very little trouble?  Why bother?  I'm going to back to my roots and will go to 'all the bother' this year, because I need to remember something lost....   There simply isn't anything like the miracle of watching seeds sprout. 

Some sunflowers along the south wall of the garage.  Some old fashioned zinnias in front of the porch, their bright cheerful heads peeking at me over the railing as I read on the porch swing. Some cherry tomatoes on the south side of my shed?  

I don't have a natural 'governor' to slow me down or help me plant 1 packet instead of 6.  Well, lets just say that it hasn't been my pattern.  Fuschia baskets are glorious all summer, lets have 12!  If a little is good, a lot is better.  I have friends who are minimalists, it is admirable and elegant, restful, soothing and very fashionable these days. Balanced.  Stylish.

Just give me riots of rebellious borders, chaotic piles of color wadded and tangled together .... this makes me smile just dreamin' it up and imagining it.  I have beds/borders already, but want to fill them to bursting.  Guess it's good I don't invision pristine, everyone would be bruised from the disappointing results!   :)   

Over the last couple of years I have tried to recreate something of my grandma's garden. Wisteria battling with climbing roses over the garden room trellis; who will reign supreme in the end?  Hollyhocks.  A magnolia tree. 

Just thinking of it gives me a spurt of gardener's bliss, almost as effective as Vitamin D!  At first, early in the season, no gloves can tempt me, no matter how crusty and ugly my hands get-they would rob me of pure pleasure, dirt pleasure.  Later on, when the first thrilling sensation dulls, gloves are welcomed while my hands heal and fingernails return to normal..... 


Rhonda said...

KATHLEEEEEN!!!!!!! You stir my senses, my heart, and brought me the first stirrings of "gardener's bliss" I've felt in a looooong time! You give me hope that the tangled mess out in my front yard can become the masses of riotous color and texture, with little surprises tucked in here and there, that I keep dreaming of. My energy just keeps giving out. But you are so inspiring! You've captured my feelings about my garden so perfectly. I don't think I've read many articles in gardening magazines as inspiring as this ~ Thank you for the gift!

KoverB said...

Rhonda, we'll have to garden walk in each other's yards this summer like
Mary used to do with us.... :) That's my next post, how so many friends have inspired me to garden....