Monday, March 2, 2009

Maybe Miracles

Today, a short visit to the river with Maggie, in between chores, made the chores more palatable.

Just a normal, common day.  Pulling  a few weeds and getting dirt under my fingernails, imagining what the flower beds will look like this year, dreamin'..... 

Swinging on the porch swing for the first time this spring with a book until hypothermia started setting in..... 

I think between pruning too early and the hard freezing winter, some of my plants might have died along with the grapes, roses, some specialty ferns, etc.....
I won't do anything to them except care for them as if they were alive and well. Weed, compost,
and watch and wait for some 'may be miracles'.  

Unexpected blessings......happen often.

I want to always prepare for them, just in case they do, you know-be ready.  

Plowed, dug, tilled land absorbs the rain and soaks it in, drinks it deep, gets it's thirst quenched and it lasts.

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