Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sugar Crusted Gratefulness

Creme brule/burnt creme is one of my favorite things.  Cracking the sugar never gets old and I'm just as happy the next time doing it as I was the last time.  It's sort of a sophisticated adult dessert, with an invite to play or not, as you wish.  

As I'm struggling with the cold and snow right now and feel crazy with strong yearnings for summer, I decided if I can't do anything about it, go play in it!   The sun was shining white bright, setting off a perfectly clear, blue sky.  Inviting.  Enticing.  Playful.    

The river called, I answered by bundling up and inviting Maggie along.  Tess almost pushed me out the door.  She recognizes cabin fever and wanted me to keep my momentum from the day before!  

The meadow was one huge, virgin snow, white, blanket.  My tracks and Maggie's the only ones marring the perfection until down by the woods I saw deer tracks, bunny tracks and some little miniature ones.  

This snow was soft and creamy underneath, thickly crusted with hard sugar on the top!  Except this sugar wasn't burnt, it was diamonds, millions!   I do believe they would have glowed and reflected their colorfully absorbed colors like a mirror, even in the dark!  Bedazzled my eyes and made my brain salsa dance.  My face and heart felt that tingle you get when you use astringent.  Bracing.  

I was too cold to do snow angels, and didn't have anyone to help me up without leaving a smudge, but I did have fun making words with my footprints.  Maggie went crazy and smudged those a bit.  

A pair of eagles soared gracefully over the river....... which would have been the frosting on the cupcake, if it had been a cupcake.    

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