Monday, March 30, 2009

Ready or Not....

Our house was full of people Saturday night.  It made me so happy and afterwards I felt stuffed with joy!  

I suffer from extreme introversion and shyness which makes me feel socially anxious in groups of people outside of the comfort, safety and security of our home.  Often when I walk into a group, I wish the earth would open up and swallow me, make me disappear!   It takes about 8 years for things to start feeling comfortable.......then, circumstances boot you out of that easy cozy nest to learn some more.     

As maturity happens, it is becoming an easier discipline to NOT act how I feel, and be curious about people,  want to ease their shyness or awkwardness, concentrate and focus on them instead of how uncomfortable I feel.  Otherwise my weakness would grow weaker as I deteriorated and I would become a totally self-centered person.  It would be so easy to give in!  

But in our home, if someone takes the trouble to come, it is a huge compliment and I feel so loved!  Then, if you'll eat with us, converse with us, let us love you - we have forged a bond of intimacy not easily forgotten.  Sharing a meal is sweet that way. 

I love to cook and feed people, yet haven't done it much for the last year.  Saturday night gave me courage to get back to doing what I really enjoy, having the house rumbling with happy people eating, laughing, loving, singing and playing.   

Every first Sunday of the month we are going to have a standing open invite for whoever wants to come for brunch at 1:00ish.  If we run out of something, the store is only a few blocks away.  

It will be fun to see what happens, who comes, if it will settle into a rhythm?  We're going to sit at table together and share our week, our lives and hopefully our hearts.  My heart is ready!  

Come and join us......   

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Anonymous said...

We've only just begun------

Mr Loverbee