Sunday, June 7, 2009

And Then There's Rain

Yesterday's post was about water, all kinds of water.  Today, I must use one more water metaphor before I move on.  Rain.  

Craig and I re-watched "The Hiding Place" this afternoon.  It has a timeless message about what compassion and love really is.  What it leaves out but hints at is the way Corrie works on actively pursuing a life of forgiveness.  Later on in her life when she meets one of the guards who thoughtlessly and cruelly abused them in the prison camps, he greets her with joy and exclaims about her speech and agrees with her about how wonderful grace is.  It was easy for him, but so hard for her to reach towards his proffered hand.  The supernatural release of love for this man as she shook his hand was life changing.  

Rain is the water of forgiveness.  Rain is constant here in Washington about 9 months of the year.   Sometimes it is tiresome and we crave baking hot, dry days......lizard on a rock days.  But the truth is that we have the lushest, greenest woods, yards, camping spots, roadways, parks and pastures anywhere BECAUSE OF THE RAIN.  It is embarrassing coming back home from Nebraska or Wyoming or Eastern Washington.....because you feel so sorry for the desolate dryness they endure, reminding me to be grateful for green.   

Rain cleans the air and makes it sparkle.  Bathes the plants, trees and grass with nitrogen food. Refreshes root systems that aren't used to doing without.  It also is natural 'soft' water, good for your skin.  You can breathe well after a good rain.  

Once I danced in warm Arkansas rain with nothing on.  It was pitch black night in the woods and with my arms open wide and face uplifted I let the pouring rain wash over me.  It was sensually and intensely a spiritual cleanse.  Rain is like forgiveness.  Rain is good.  Perhaps I like rain.  I want to be rained on and rain on others, both.  Rain-er/Rain-ee?   :)  

I forgive you Jim J, bloggingly outloud, and release you to be loved, respected, honored, creative and used.  Be blessed indeed.  



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