Friday, June 26, 2009

Tessa's Dream

Tessa and I spent a morning this week harvesting her herbs. We had a system going. She would write the name on a brown bag and hold it open for me while I cut a bunch, put it upside down in the bag and tied the stems in the neck of the bag. She has them hung in rows inside the warm dry garden shed. It was so sweet and somehow satisfying, to be doing this together! She looked so full and content.

When they are completely dry, the leaves will be picked off and stored in tins. Her first harvest of herbal tea. We've never done it before; hope they dry completely without molding. Hope they keep their beautiful color. We'll have another try when the next batch is ready to cut. Lemon Verbena was my favorite scent.

It wasn't an exotic vacation, there weren't any whistles blowing or fireworks going off. We were here, at home, together. Monetarily, very inexpensive. Brown bags, string, scissors and a pen. She was experiencing gathering the fruit of her dreams and labor. I was enjoying watching her.

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Anonymous said...

Is it ready yet!!! I want to try some!!! Can we dry it in the microwave to get done faster!!!
You girls are SO cute. Love you!

Mr Loverby