Friday, June 5, 2009

Both Rowing

Last evening, Craig and I were desperate to change the rhythm and tone of the day, so we took a blanket to lay out on the bank of the river, drinking in the songs of the birds trilling to each other, dancing dragonflies,  tenacious wildflowers and the laughter of the river spilling over the 'laughing rock'.  It changes and tunes it's laugh by the depth of and amount of water going over it.  

The laughing rock invited me.  As cold as the water still is, the evening was warm enough to accept the invitation.  I went down the bank and laid flat out on the rock, interrupting the usual sound, changing it as it powerfully washed over me, making a miniature waterfall that I was part of, making me gasp!   

Craig stayed up on the bank watching, thinking it was pure craziness.  Holding out his hand to help me up the steep last few steps, he told me how much he liked it when I smiled.  I just smiled more- all dripping and goosebumpy.

I was smiling just because there are the sweetest times right smack dab in the middle of real life that make you feel clean, refreshed, connected, born again again, baptized once more.   Kind of like remembering what you forgot.  Hopeful.  Comfortable with the shadows.  

We stopped and had an ice cream sundae on the way home, then 'picked up our pack' again, the one stuffed and bulging with life.  It seemed lighter and the straps didn't cut into our shoulders as much. 
I love part of that song, The Water Is Wide.....

"The water is wide I cannot cross o'er
 and neither do I have wings to fly
 give me a boat that can carry two
 and both shall row - my love and I
 and both shall row - my love and I."

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Anonymous said...

I'll take you as a rowing partner any day.
Mr Loverby