Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once Upon That Mattress

Craig and I have always had a great and easy physical relationship and if it's true that what's happening in the bedroom is the thermometer for what's happening in the marriage, then for the last 20 years our marriage has been satisfying, pleasurable and fulfilling.  What's happening in our bedroom is as natural as rain. Playful, tender, generous, plentiful and sometimes real funny!   

We've always had a running joke about quarters...... 'Got five minutes? I've got a quarter', etc.   Flirtatious.    

A couple of years ago we were having a honeymoon weekend on Orcas at our favorite place to have this sort of wonderfulness.  We no sooner walked in and put our bags down than the romping, playing and loving started and finished like an instant sprint for both of us in a surprisingly short time. Like really short!  It was kinda fun, and a little surprising.  

Everyone knows that usually these things take some effort, a little time, some flippin' the switch and warm up exercises always help to ensure it ends well for both. 

Idealistically, we were thinking, wow, getting older is going to just get better and better!

Then realistically we thought, wow, maybe it's just the mattress and promptly checked to see what brand it was!   

The rest of the afternoon and evening were relaxing and cozy.  We slept like babies, woke up starving and quickly found a great breakfast cafe with good coffee.  Mt. Constitution was calling our name so we climbed all over the rock lookout tower admiring the heavy doors, stairs and wrought iron hinges.  The view is breathtaking in any direction.  Exhilarating.  It's new every time.

We headed back and no sooner got in the door than.....woohooo, replay of the afternoon before! Except this time it would have to be called instant gratification for me, as in instant!  Instant like lightning.   Craig has an extremely dry sense of humor;  without missing a beat he looked down wondering if he had left his Superman underwear on,  grinned mischievously and asked, "Honey, since I don't have any change for that quarter, should I just keep going?"  

We literally rolled off whatever kind of amazing mattress it was, tears streaming, sides aching, cheeks cramped and laughed till we collapsed completely.  We couldn't breathe or get up off the floor for quite awhile. 

The first part was good, but that laughter had all the loving texture of our lives boxed up, wrapped, and beribboned.  I took it off the shelf so you could have a peek inside and I could remember.

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