Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Five Eagle Day

Craig woke us with fresh coffee at 5 this morning to catch the Kingston Ferry. La Push Beach was stunning. We had a small junk food picnic, found countless pieces of whimsical driftwood, had a nap in the sun and a brisk, salt spray - spritzed walk.

Maggie was soaked with salt water and sand. She skipped and pranced and chased waves till she was exhausted. The car was so full of her shedding hair that none of us dared to lick our lips. At one point we found some old jolly rancher suckers in the cubby-popped them in, and kept them in! Hair covered suckers? No thanks.

We had never in 12 years been to Neah Bay or Cape Flattery. We took the detour and it was so worth it. We found beaches that had to be explored. Craig stopped at every one of them for Tess to take pics and me to look for rocks.

At one rough, rocky beach we stood and belted out a couple of 'thankful' songs into the wind and waves. Was it salt water or tears on my cheeks? An eagle soared over. There was a fog bank rolling in and out that created this Brigadoon feeling.

Today, I was happier than the last time I was this happy. 5 eagles, 3 porpoises, 1 doe, foxgloves by the acre-mile after mile, ferns, foam flowers, banks of sweet peas, piles of wild roses, and enough heart shaped rocks to share.

The crashing, thrashing, bashing, splashing, spraying waves breaking against the rocks was invigorating to the very core of me soul.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the day God, Kathleen, Tessa, and Maggie!!!!