Saturday, June 13, 2009

Floating Free

Last night Craig and I went to float the river, but it didn't work out. When I parked at River Meadows, as the door was closing and before I could stop it - realized that the ignition key was in my hand, but not the door key. Tess had the extra set in her purse. We needed to be able to get in and drive back to the bridge where we had started and get the truck when we finished. We went to plan 'R', it was still a good evening.

Today, we had it better than it would have been last night. Brita came with us, it was earlier in the day, so the sun was shining on the river almost the whole time.

We almost got dunked by one of the two 'bad' rapids, that are actually miniature ones. Our floaties - all three of them had leaks and lost air, which slows you down to a crawl. By the time we reached River Meadows Park, we were all mostly submerged, but still floating, in the FREEZING water. Craig needed a shot of 20 weight oil in his knee. His knee was stiff like a board!

Brita and I capsized a few times, I lost my water shoes more than once and had to retrieve them. We laughed, argued, shivered, screamed, yelled, got soaked, waved at lots of wanna be floaters on the banks, saw a few leaches, my heart rock, the laughing rock, fern rock, the waterfall, a few fish, lots of trees down, gorgeous new steps leading up the bank to my favorite place on the river bank and got soaked with sunshine and made memories.

We all came home racing to take hot, hot baths to warm up our outsides. Our insides were warm already.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Love!!! Thank you Brita!!! T'was a glorious time on the river! Thank you Lord, for a bride and daughters that love to make memories!!!

Mr Loverby